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Chitrakoot Tourism

Chitrakoot is an important pilgrimage of Hindus which lies between two states of India viz. Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Associated with Lord Rama the place has many tourist spots for history lovers, spiritual people and nature lovers. The tourism department has taken due care to enhance the charm of the place. The historic sight which are of equal spiritual importance are well preserved and maintained. The town has many good places to stay in. The town has a good commuting options. It can easily be reached by railways, roadways or airways. The melodious chants and the sweet fragrance of incense makes a person indulge in its serenity and calm.

Chitrakoot Tourism

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Best Time to Visit Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot experiences an extreme climate with hot summers and cold winters. Summers here lasts from March to June and the temperature in summers here goes to as high as 47°C. Monsoon lasts from July to September and receives good monsoon showers. The town looks very beautiful during monsoons with lush green farms. Winters lasting from December to February sees temperature falling down below 10°C. According to one’s preference or choice of recreational activity in Chitrakoot, one can choose the best time to visit Chitrakoot. To enjoy the scenic beauty of Chitrakoot, October to November is consider to be the best time to visit Chitrakoot. For Outings and tourist activities, December to March is preferred. To take short trips in and around the city visit Chitrkoot in July to September.

Tourist Spots in Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot is an important pilgrimage of Hindus. The holy city has a long history related to Lord Rama. Many sages, devotees and thinkers in past meditated here. Hindu trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva took their incarnation here. The place has served as a venue to many important incidents in Ramayana. While traveling to this place you plan visit to some of the beautiful destinations like Ramghat, Kamadgiri, and others. Citrakoot has many tourist attraction attracting a number of tourists every year. Most of the tourist places here are associated with the epic Ramayana. The presence of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Laxam can be felt in the air of Chitrakoot.

Tourist Spots in Chitrakoot

Gupt-Godavari: Gupt-Godavari at a distance of 18 km from town is a pair of caves. Rama and Laxman held their court here. They have a natural throne like rocks. one of the cave is high and wide with a small entrance, and the other long and narrow with stream of water running along its base.

Ramghat: Ramghats are the ghats of Mandakini river. People offer their prayers in the surroundings filled with holy chants and sweet smell of incense. The main attraction here is the evening arti. It is believed that Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Sita took bath here during their exile and appeared before the poet Tulsidas. Tulsidas has beautifully cited this incidence in one of his creations.

Kamadgiri: It is a forested hill, with a chain of temples skirted on its base. There are five Parikrama Path around the Kamadgiri Mountain.

Bharat Milap: It is a temple located at the spot where Bharata met Rama to persuade him to return to Ayodhya, when Rama was in his exile. According to the believes the emotional meeting of four brothers resulted in melting of rocks and mountains of Chitrakoot. Foot prints of Lord Rama and his brothers that were imprinted on rocks can be still seen in Bharat Milap Mandir.

Janaki Kund: It is believed that Sita took bathe in the crystal clear waters of Janaki Kund in Ramghat Mandakini river during the years of her exile with Rama.

Sati Anasuya Ashrama: Sati Anasuya Ashrama is located 16 km from the town, in the middle of a thick forests surrounding by the melody of birds song all day. It is famous for a belief that Atri muni with his wife Anasuya and their three sons, incarnations of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh lived and meditated here. According to Valmiki Sati Anasuya performed hard and intensive austerities as there was no rain in Chitrakoot for 10 years and everyone suffered from the feminine. She then brought river Mandakini down on earth. Rama with Sita also came here to meet Maharishi Atri and Sati Anasuya.

Sphatic Shila: Near Janaki Kund on the banks of the Mandakini are the boulder, which bears the Rama's and Sita’s footprint. As per Ramacharit Manas, Lord Rama with Lakshman sat on this rock when Hanuman came back after putting Lanka on fire and confirmed the news of Sita prisoned by Ravana in Ashok Vatika

Pampapur: Situated in the valley of Devangana are the sacred caves related to Lord Rama.

Hanuman Dhara: It is a spring located hundreds of feet up on a hillside. It was created by Lord Rama to assuage Hanuman , when he returned after putting Lanka on fire. It gives a panoramic view of Chitrakut and there are few temples here.

Bharat Koop: It is a small well where Bharata stored the holy water from all the pilgrimages of India. he brought this water to do the Rajya abhishek of Rama when he came to persue Rama to return back to the throne of Ayodhys after the death of Dasratha. The water is the well is believed to be clean all throughout the year.

Ram Shaiya: Located between Chitrakoot and Bharat koop is an isolated place where Lord Rama, Laxman and Sitaji is believed to take rest in evenings after wandering in the forests whole day long. It is a flat rock bed with imprints of the three.

How to Reach Chitrakoot ?

Chitrkoot can be reached by airways, railways and roadways. Railway is one of the best way to reach Chitrakoot. Chitrakoot Dham is the main Railway station of Chitrakoot which is at a distance of 12 kms from the city center. Regular trains from some of the important stations like Delhi, Allahabad, Gwalior, Lucknow etc. are available to Chitrakoot.

Airways: Khajuraho at a distance of 175 kms from Chitrakoot is the nearest airport. Daily flights are available from the major cities like Delhi, Agra etc. One can reach Chitrakoot from airport by using the taxi service which charges around Rs 2300.

Roadways: Buses from all the nearby cities are available to Chitrakoot. Both Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh owned state buses connect Chitrakoot to the major cities of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh respectively.

Where to Stay in Chitrakoot ?

There are many good staying options in Chitrakoot. There are many reasonable and good hotels in Chitrakoot. According to one’s pocket, one can choose from a wide range of options. Tariff here varies from the hotel provides a wide options of good food at a reasonable price. The government also runs hotels at very reasonable rate and provide good services. They are well maintained and provide all basic amenities. Some of the famous ones are mentioned below.

Hotel RamKripa Inn
Address : 233.666, National Highway (NH) 76, Karwi Chitrakoot

Tourist Bunglow
Address : Near Ram Ghat, Satna Road, Chitrakoot

Rahi Tourist Bungalow
Address: Opp: Poddar Inter College, Sitapur, Chitrakoot P.O

Kamadgiri Bhawan
Address : Ratnavali Marg, Ram Ghat, Chitrakoot P. O

There are many other options available in Chitrakoot, where one can choose to stay according to one’s preference and choice.

Chitrakoot has very little shopping options. There is not much to shop from here apart from small wooden toys and wooden figures of different God and Goddess which one can collect as souvenirs. The epic and ancient history of Chitrakoot attract number of tourists yearly. The town surrounded by hills, nurturing many rivers and streams collects praises from many nature lovers. Chitrkoot in short is a must visit for all.

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